Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk [Unlimited Skills, Menu/DMG, Defense Multiple, Always Turn]

Just kidding, but those who have never seen the popular film Star Wars surely don’t come from our planet. Being a renowned film, Star Wars has unavoidably served as an inspiration for a variety of creative endeavors and commercial ventures. Have you ever played a game with a Star Wars theme? I recently finished playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk and found it impossible to stop.

Any gamer will be delighted by the stunning graphics in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The adventures, spacecraft, or characters from Star Wars will allegedly materialize before your own eyes. You will thus undoubtedly be unable to ignore what this game offers you. At the same time, every component is carefully crafted, and this game has new weaponry.

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What Is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk?

The official game from Electronic Arts, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk, has been altered. We may enjoy the game’s moded features, such as limitless crystals, endless player XP, all goals unlocked, auto-firing, and many other things, for nothing when we use the modified version.

Additionally, you may access all of the game’s strong characters right away.

  • Heavy Damage
  • Automatic Controls
  • Free Gifts
  • Immediate Upgrades
  • Playing realistically

Character customization, which enables us to alter a character from several game eras, is one of the game’s most well-liked elements. As you complete the game’s goals, you will receive Training Droids, which are used to train your troops.

Play in the PvP arena and squad competitions for larger winnings. The conflicts will all take place in various locales throughout the globe to give you a really diverse battling experience.

To automatically store your progress and resume where you left off, you must connect your smartphone or check in with your Google Play account when the game first launches. Special skills are scarce and should only be used in emergency situations to deal one final blow to all enemies. Continue winning battles to collect player XP, crystals, and other items that will speed up your game progress.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk features

Because of its mystery and size, the cosmos is a subject that many people find fascinating. To generate original concepts and provide viewers with the best experience, game and film developers are always in need of raw materials. Here are Awesome features that are explained in detail.

Several items in a single game

In all honesty, I compare Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apkto a soft cookie that has almonds and black sesame seeds on the exterior and a filling within. While turn-based tactical role-playing is its main focus, there are certain elements of gacha, such as the requirement to continually gather as many heroes as you can in order to win.

Let me discuss Gacha. You must specifically gather shards for several well-known Star Wars characters. We will receive a tonne of treasure and Shards after each combat. You can utilize a character in combat once you have gathered enough shards and put that character back together. Additionally, you may improve your army and get access to new characters by using treasure and shards.

While certain characters can only be unlocked in multiplayer mode, others can only be unlocked using cards, and the remaining characters must be purchased with shards. Along with the duty of assembling skilled characters, you also have to gather a lot of other shards to advance in the ranking and improve the character’s attack power and fighting attributes.

A crucial aspect, in my opinion, is that this game does not allow you to freely control the characters as you choose, despite the fact that there are a lot of characters and they all have strong talents. The game determines the order of those characters at random. The difficulty has also raised many notches as a result of this restriction. This is why many brothers see it as a fun yet challenging game.

Powerful alliances component

You can take turns controlling up to five distinct characters during each battle. Each character has a superpower and a basic ability that are both always available (needs a fairly long cooldown). Other than the superpower, some unique characters also have other special talents. Others have healing, taunting, and leadership skills.

Therefore, when you engage in combat, you must select a commander character that possesses leadership skills yourself. Even if you don’t have a character with this unique skill, you may still let someone lead your powerful army by giving them a position, while the other team members will receive passive benefits.

But it’s important to keep in mind that each character, including Jedi, Galactic Republic, Empire, and Rebels, is a member of at least one faction, despite being a part of the same group. These factions offer various prizes for their junior members in addition to rewards from you. Your army will gain many allies, options, and strengths as a result of this branching and connecting.

The galaxy’s most technologically sophisticated vehicle

You’ll require battle vehicles, which are the most advanced warships, in addition to assembling exceptional people with magical talents. As you win battles, you will gradually acquire excellent battleships for your own use. There are numerous famous warships from the movies, like the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing, the Imperial TIE Fighter, and many more. You will receive a lot of wonderful unanticipated benefits from collecting and enhancing battleships.

There is a brief explanation of the strong relationship between battleships and characters: the more powerful the character, the more powerful the ship. Who else could be your opponent if you had a fleet of Phoenix 7 ships and even owned a Ghost ship?

Wars between the Jedi and the Dark Side are fierce

The massive conflicts between several factions are the center of the Star Wars universe. And if you enjoy the movie’s gripping battle sequences, you should check out the Territory Wars option in the game. You will take part in the fiercest battle between the factions here. They compel you to devise both immediate and long-term plans, organize an army, and command troops to engage in deadly combat in order to seize control of various lands.

Then you’ll travel to Territory Battles, where each group will have a number of exciting battle campaigns that, if you participate, will last a few hours of nonstop conflict. Alternately, you may select Raids mode to raid the seasoned army you really wish to battle, such as Rancor or Sith Lord. The benefits of winning will be enormous.

In the Grand Arena, where you may continuously engage in mini-battles with various battle formations, you can test your strength without having to worry too much. In Squad Arena, you can select PvP mode if you wish to engage in combat with other players. By competing against other players for fantastic rewards, you may test the strength of your squad here.

Star Wars iconic characters

Everything in Star Wars, from the Jedi blade to the unwavering courage of the galactic warriors, might be considered to have gained iconic status. You will remember every detail of this renowned film series. Over 150 well-known characters may be unlocked in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk, ranging from powerful figures like Luke, Leia, Chewie, Vader, and Emperor Palpatine to the meek Stormtrooper troopers.

The Great Admiral Thrawn, Bossk, Ahsoka Tano, Bastila Shan, Ezra Bridger, and Enfys Nest are all magnificent heroes that everyone will at some point desire to evolve into. A genuine landing of characters, indeed! When you realize that you will finally meet your super idols after all these years, I have no doubt that you will play and be enthusiastic about future bouts. Honestly, no other mobile game can replicate this sense of anticipation, tension, and enjoyment.

A New Universe Is Unfolding Before Your Very Eyes

It can be mentioned that this game has recognizable components and is ideal for anyone who likes the popular film with the same name. You encounter several opponents and space-based monsters in addition to hearing the villain’s comments repeated. You will have excellent adventures throughout this period. In this game, some characters will employ a light saber, which is another Star Wars aspect.

Take Part in Tough Matches

As a Tutorial, Galaxy of Heroes provides you with components that make it simple for you to access the game’s mechanics. The player simply needs a short amount of time to understand it because it is simultaneously not overly difficult. They will then go out on their quest and explore the game’s enormous and stunning cosmos.

Nevertheless, in order to advance in the game, they must constantly overcome the challenge. The game has a turn-based strategy game’s gameplay. Players will specifically take part in a match using the characters they possess. You may pick from a variety of attacks available for each character to use against the foe. The person who destroys the opposing troops simultaneously wins the battle, gains experience, and receives any necessary equipment to assist them to enhance their character in the future.

Each character in the game has two talents at the same time from the start. Every character has a different attack. Your team has a health meter and a mana bar to employ your attacking talents, which you’ll see as you play. Players must keep an eye on the game at all times and devise practical strategies to get through each stage.

Getting Past Difficult Obstacles

Turn-based gameplay is included in the game, as was already described. To explore the game and get the required supplies, you will take part in many stages. There will be more than one little match at each stage that you must participate in. The left side of the screen displays how many rounds you will have to complete. You could accidentally lose in the first round if you don’t calculate properly during each match.

The game allows you to interact with a wide variety of personalities, but integrating them into the group is not always easy. This technique is comparable to the gacha process in that you must use a game component to perform this action. This technique simultaneously induces excitement and restraint since it is not always feasible for characters to arise who are highly skilled and powerful.

In addition, you’ll need to strengthen your squad if you don’t quickly advance to higher ranks. In this game, you will be in control of many characters, and each one has two skill options. You will need to invest a lot of resources and experience leveling up additional talents if you want to unlock them. These abilities will open automatically after certain requirements are satisfied.

The Game Fulfills the Player’s Needs

You may see the cosmos any way you wish in the amazing Star Wars realm provided by Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Players will take part in adventures, confront a variety of foes, and reconnect with old friends. You may simultaneously add some powerful individuals to your team to aid you in defeating the difficult foes up ahead. Remember to level them up so they may pick up new abilities.

Build and Establish a Heroic Power

Players will feel at ease and free to exercise command over their troops in Star Wars. Building a strong force empire should be your primary priority. To join your squad, find and choose talented, healthy heroes. You must teach them and train them most expertly as a leader if you want to aid them in improving their battle abilities. That will elevate them to the status of perfect heroes in everyone’s eyes.

Defeat your rivals and take control of this territory

You will encounter many obstacles and foes in this game. They will always find a method to exploit your weaknesses and pick the ideal time to launch an attack. You are unable to be objective and impartial because of this. Always strive to be on the lookout for opportunities to assault and decimate adversarial forces and gain control of the area.

Additionally, you must acquire smart fighting techniques, work on improving your quick reflexes, and be familiar with how to deal with adversaries. Through your distinctive playstyles and techniques, demonstrate your flexibility and agility.

Making Sensible, Intelligent Decisions

You need to be intellectual and inventive, and constantly be aware of how to improve and refresh your heroes so they become more athletic and strong, and have a chance of succeeding in this game. Don’t forget to provide them with the greatest body protection and sophisticated equipment to prevent harm to the lighter.

Additionally, gaining access to new skills is so crucial that you cannot disregard them. Your heroes will be able to do more man oeuvres and have a plentiful supply of energy as a result. Become a psychological leader by learning how to best serve your coworkers.

Gather and Manage Massive Shilts

It may be claimed that taking part in ship warfare is a lovely and enjoyable task. Many people enjoy it and find it to be of high quality, which makes it quite popular. Here, you may add additional ships to your collection and a variety of roles to your war squad. There will be talented and courageous commanders and sailors on each boat. To improve, give your ships greater power.

Countless credits

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod allows us to upgrade character levels, star rarity, mod levels, and even their tires, which is a fantastic feature.

By completing the campaigns, competing in squad competitions, PvP fights, and many other activities, you may get credits.

Countless experience points

Your player level is increased using experience points. These points may be obtained through doing missions, taking part in various activities, unlocked characters, squad tournament participation, and PvP squad combat.

Stunning visuals

The game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is highly recognized for its breathtaking visual effects and magnificent visuals, which give players a genuine sense of what it’s like to play with superheroes on the battlefields.

Free Purchasing

You may buy many products from the game’s built-in store, including data cards, resources, crystals, and many other things. However, you may get those things that don’t require an in-app purchase for free via the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk.

Assemble the ideal team

Guerrilla leaders? Empire veterans? You get to decide as you create powerful light and dark side factions and collect heroes and other figures from the Star Wars universe. Make decisive strategic moves and choose friends with complementary talents to fight alongside formidable teams!

Become the Galaxy’s Master

In a distant cantina, you can conquer the galactic holo games by defeating opponents and climbing the leaderboard. As you play, raise your heroes’ skills for more powerful attacks and bigger victories. Then, compete against other players in Squad Tournaments, PvP Squad Environment, and Squad Cantina Battles to succeed.

Play Against Strong Champions

Make wise, tactical decisions and provide your warriors with the best equipment possible to strengthen their injury in an intergalactic conflict. Unleash commanding attacks like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others as you unlock fun talents to make your team unbeatable.

Take Part in Grand Ship Battles

To put together your battle fleets, gather recognizable starships and large capital ships. Attack brand-new challenges, engage in combat outside and test your mettle in the Fleet Environment. Collect unique character improvement items that are only available as prizes for ship combat. Every ship has a unique crew as well, with some ships even having special abilities. Get the most powerful heroes to build your armada!

Gaining Success in Guilds

Once you’ve made a customizable Guild, you may lead raids with allies and engage in combat with enemies like the Rancor and AAT Tank. Join forces with your guild in territory battles where participants use their whole roster of ships and characters to take on an ever-changing battlefield. Show off your supremacy when you compete against other Guilds to conquer territory and top global leaderboards in Territory Warfare.

What’s New?

  • Hey, lovers of Galaxy of Heroes! To improve your experience in battle and elsewhere, we’ve made a few changes to the game.
  • Enjoy yourself and thank you for joining the battle!
  • Easy Controls
  • Difficult Quests
  • Numerous Customization Possibilities
  • No human verification is necessary 


  • The multiplier for Player Damage
  • The multiplier for Player Defense
  • One Hit Death
  • Deity Mode
  • Never Player Turn
  • Why Limit Break Is Always Effective


  • One strike kill
  • God-like


Turn on VPN and try again if the game reports that it cannot connect to the server.

How to Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk for iOS & Android?

First, make sure to remove any earlier versions of this game that may have been installed on your device.

In case the installation doesn’t begin, Go to Settings, Click on Security, and then Click on Enable The Unknown Sources.

How to Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk for iOS & Android?

Installing the mod APK file for this application is quite simple. To install this software on Android devices, follow these simple instructions.

1. To Download, Click the download icon below.

2. After the Download is finished, open it.

3. Set up the App on your Android Phone or Tablet.

4. Comply with all of the Internal Directions.

5. Once it has been Correctly Installed, Launch the Program and Take Advantage of all of its Wonderful Features.

How to Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Installing on a PC is quite simple. Use Bluestacks or NOX player to accomplish this. Here is the procedure.

1. To run any mobile application on a computer, you must first download and install the Bluestacks player, an android emulator, on your computer.

2. You must download the mod apk from our site after installing the emulator.

3. To begin the installation process after downloading, click “Import From Windows” or run the file.

4. Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using the program.

How to Install Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Common Questions Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

Guys, I know you have a tonne of fascinating questions about this amazing bombing game in your thoughts. I have addressed all the frequently asked questions about the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Apk Mod in the section below.

You might leave a remark if you feel that I omitted any pertinent queries. I would adore answering your questions.

Is using this Mod Apk safe?

Yes, you may use the modified Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Apk on your smartphone without worrying about security. You should be aware that every mod program I share on Apkgreek has been vetted by professionals and different kinds of high-end antivirus software.

Therefore, you may play this game without risking your security and privacy.

Which Star Wars video game characters are the strongest?

In the Star Wars video game, there are several powerful heroes, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Kenobi, General
  • Sheldon Yoda
  • Admiral Thrawn, Grand
  • Yoda, the Grand Master
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is PC compatible.

Yes, you may play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on your computer, but in order to run any Android app or game without a hitch, you must first download and install a free program called Bluestacks.

What is included in this modified apk?

All of the in-game premium stuff and free resources were unlocked by us.

You can go through the list below for further information.

  • Countless Crystals
  • Bonus Credits
  • Access to Superheroes
  • An absence of ads

Can Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes be downloaded for free?

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk is available for free download. You may play this entertaining fighting game for free. Without spending any money, you may take part in epic battles against your competitors with the aid of your heroes.

Can we include other players in this game?

Yes, you may play this game online with others from across the world. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is made more intriguing by this distinctive aspect. You have the option of playing with or against other online players. Present a formidable squad to your competitors.


It’s an expedition where you visit interesting locations or run into people that have various personalities. Star Wars, a well-known and popular work that explores the topic of the universe, is one of the works that many people like. Since then, it has also had associated goods like games. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the name of the film, which was just given a title. Star Wars is unquestionably one of the greatest sci-fi space movies ever produced in Hollywood. Each character possesses unique abilities, talents, and weaknesses.

Don’t forget to share this updated version of the game with your friends who enjoy playing space games if you enjoy it. Additionally, please leave a comment if you encounter any problems with this Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk or if any premium features fail to function properly for you. I’d be delighted to answer all of your questions.

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