iFlix Mod Apk Download [Premium Unlocked, VIP, Ad Free]

There are many countries that are in love with Iflix shows. If you’re one of them today, we’re presenting an iFlix Mod Apk. It allows you to watch the entire Iflix collections for free and without using any VPN servers. Get it now to get all the web series on Iflix and the amazing films in your idle time. Kill your time!!!

Online streaming is the new time for TV films and shows. There is no longer a need for having huge TVs for streaming their favorite shows. This is because of technological advancement and everybody can watch their favorite films and shows on devices like smartphones and PCs. There is a myriad of streaming services around the world, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Iflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Hotstar that assist users in streaming all their most loved shows and movies.

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iFlix Mod Apk

We live in an online world which means everything about our lives is online, and when it comes to entertainment or entertainment we are rushing to the apps or software that allows us to use beds. iFlix Mod Apk is the best-paid entertainment platform, which includes a myriad of films and TV series. It’s not true, because iFlix Apk will also provide additional benefits that permit users to download their favorite films.

You can watch films offline. This feature is extremely beneficial in the event that you lose your cell data. But there’s another issue in that case, specifically when you watch films from overseas. Naturally, the language used is different from our own language. However, iFlix Apk comes with an option to select the various subtitles that you require, including English, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese and other languages that are available. 


If you’re a binge-watcher or a binge-watcher, you’ve probably had a moment of being sucked in with an android+iOS+Web-based streaming site called Iflix. It’s a primarily Malaysian streaming platform that was founded at the end of 2014 by Patrick Grove. There was a large team that was behind the creation of Iflix and Patrick was the only one who had given all their focus to the creation of the platform.

Features of iFlix Mod Apk

Introduce Iflix! It’s an application for Android and IOS, it also functions as a web-based platform that works with PCs and other major consoles. Additionally, you can install The Fire Stick or Smart TV applications for enjoying the Iflix experience on giant televisions. It’s a Malaysian streaming service that is available across 13 countries and offers features that are which are listed below.

The online Streaming Platform is available in 13 countries

Iflix app provides full HD high-quality content from more than 10 different countries including Malaysia, South Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Vietnam. However, there are some incredible nations such as India as well as India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, which loves watching these videos However, Iflix doesn’t serve these countries.

If you’re among the above citizens who enjoy binge-watching binge-programmed television series, binge-programs, and extraordinary films and series, you could download the modified Iflix application listed below to stream it in your country without changing the place you watch it from.

A binge-watching app that has thousands of movies

Iflix is among the most powerful competitors of top streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. For the sake of providing the highest quality competitors, Iflix is offering all its content for free, without having to pay an extra fee for its premium subscription. Yes, you read that right, you can stream every single Iflix content for free without having to pay one cent of your pocket.

It will provide you with a huge variety of web-based shows, TV-Shows, and Movies such as Arrow, Legend of Fei, Attack on Titan, The Prince who becomes the Frog, and many more. Additionally, you can pick your top choices by selecting the most favorite categories and shows on the list. What are you putting off? Get it now and be a part of the captivating TV shows for absolutely free.

Download the updated application here to watch Iflix in your country

Do you happen to be an Indian, US, or UK person who loves the idea of watching Korean or Japanese shows? If yes, then you’re in the right spot today, as is where you’ll be able to download Iflix MOD App. It’s a modified version of the Iflix application, which is completely accessible to any country, even without VPN services.

Stream the best-quality video 

Iflix MOD App is an outstanding application that’s not only giving you access to unlimited Iflix content but providing stunning streaming quality. After downloading this app, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of movies and shows in Ultra HD 4K quality free of charge, and without having to pay for an annual subscription. In addition, you can play the most engaging shows directly on your Smart Television or Firestick and view the content in 4K on a huge screen.

It allows you to stream all information, even from a restricted area. No matter if you’re in one of the 195 nations around the world you can access the complete content that is available on Iflix after you have installed the Iflix MOD APK onto your smartphone. All you require is basic knowledge of the internet streaming services, and you’ll be able to watch hundreds of hours’ worth of content within the Iflix MOD App. Iflix MOD app. Install it today!!

The streaming app supports over 5 languages across the globe

In addition to the quality of content and the free streaming feature, Iflix MOD will also offer a flexible interface for apps that works in more than ten languages. The app is available in a variety of languages, including English, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Tamil, Khmer, Burmese, Arabic, Urdu, Nepali, Bengali, and Sinhalese. Install the app today and be amazed by its new features!!

It allows you to stream all information, even from a restricted area

No matter if you’re in one of the 195 nations around the world you can access the complete content that is available on Iflix after you have installed the Iflix MOD APK onto your smartphone. All you require is basic knowledge of the internet streaming services, and you’ll be able to watch hundreds of hours’ worth of content within the Iflix MOD App. Iflix MOD app. Install it today!!

Download to stream offline movies and TV series

Are you aware that downloading movies uses less internet data than streaming on the internet? If you do you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover the best feature of Iflix MOD Download and watch offline.

You can download your entire collection of content from The Iflix MOD App. You can access all web-based shows and films at no cost in just one click. Aren’t you amazed?

Enjoy the complete unlocked version of the app, ad-free 

What’s more appealing than an internet-based streaming app that is ad-free? With that in mind, that’s why we’ve designed an Iflix MOD with amazing scripts. You’re that was right, Iflix MOD App is designed to allow uninterrupted watching binge. It won’t be interrupted by one single advertisement or bannerol while streaming your most loved content. Enjoy!!

Key Features

  • Offer a range of contemporary television channels and films to satisfy the needs of the viewers.
  • There’s always an effective program playback mode, which provides customers with authentic videos.
  • Always separate films and TV shows according to certain subjects to facilitate searching.
  • It has a remote control function that allows you to connect TVs or other devices without wires.
  • Always be aware of how to change channels quickly, to make it easier for users.
  • Voice search is also available to demonstrate the features and capabilities of the app.
  • Video, image, and audio quality will be assured to meet the requirements of each individual user effectively.

MOD Features

  • No ads
  • Premium VIP Unlocked
  • Free for life
  • All content unlocked
  • Facebook login enabled

Its ads are free

There aren’t any pop-ups for video or audio within the application. The functions of the application are without restrictions. Therefore, download the app right now and you’re ready to go.

Premium (VIP) is unlocked

The best features of the application are free and users are able to enjoy these features without having to pay any money. The features are accessible in this application at no cost.

The content is all unlocked

When we download an app, we want to know if the features and contents that are available within the app are either free or not locked. Therefore, it is true. The content in the app is free and is unlocked for users.

You can sign in to your iFlix account via Facebook

There is no requirement to set up an account from scratch by entering all your information. Passwords and emails are required when creating an account for the first time. However, you are able to sign in to this application by using the details on your Facebook account. This app fills in all the required details on its own. The VIP membership is likely to cost just a couple of bucks per month. Code retrieval that is valid is extended.


  • New C-Drama & K-Drama shows
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes

Partitioning of the iFlix Mod

The app is currently working well it is working flawlessly in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Maldives, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Get the iFlix Mod Apk to Android

In comparison to iflix, It must be acknowledged that iFlix has a lot to lose in several aspects. For instance, the movie store isn’t as varied and expansive as Netflix, and the time to update new movies is less than Netflix. But, in exchange for the lower cost and localization method as well as the various payment methods and sharing multiple devices with one account, the interface and the best movie filtering capabilities have earned their place in the app market.

What Anime shows are available on iFlix?

Here’s a listing of the shows that are available on iflix;

  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Glasslip
  • Black Butler: Book of Circus
  • Daimos
  • Erased
  • Diabolik Lovers More Blood
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Attack on Titan: Junior High
  • No game No Life
  • Kantai Collection
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Psycho-Pass 2
  • Myriad Colours Phantom World
  • Tenjou Tenge
  • Silver Spoon
  • Sundays without God
  • FairyTale
  • School-Live
  • Voltes V
  • No game No Life
  • The Perfect Insider

How to Install iFlix Mod Apk on Android?

First, make sure to remove any earlier versions of this game that may have been installed on your device.

In case the installation doesn’t begin, Go to Settings, Click on Security, and then Click on Enable The Unknown Sources.

Installing the mod APK file for this application is quite simple. To install this software on Android devices, follow these simple instructions.

1. To Download, Click the download icon below.

2. After the Download is finished, open it.

3. Set up the App on your Android Phone or Tablet.

4. Comply with all of the Internal Directions.

5. Once it has been Correctly Installed, Launch the Program and Take Advantage of all of its Wonderful Features.

How to Install iFlix Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Installing on a PC is quite simple. Use Bluestacks or NOX player to accomplish this. Here is the procedure.

1. To run any mobile application on a computer, you must first download and install the Bluestacks player, an android emulator, on your computer.

2. You must download the mod apk from our site after installing the emulator.

3. To begin the installation process after downloading, click “Import From Windows” or run the file.

4. Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using the program.

Questions and Answers Regarding iFlix Mod Apk

Does iFlix Mod Apk secure to use?

This app is safe to use and won’t harm the device.

Is it possible to download this application on one of our iOS devices?

Yes, you can download this application on your iOS devices through the link we have on our website. The premium features are not available in this version.

Do you need to set up an account on iFlix Mod Apk?

This app does require an account to access the application. But, you are able to log in to the application with an account on Facebook.

Do you need to pay to access iFlix?

Yes, it is a paid-for service. The amount of subscription fees that the company will charge you is based on the type of plan you choose. There are a variety of plans to choose from with different price points and features. For example, if your primary priority is streaming with no ads or ads, then it’s recommended to select an option that includes the ability to stream without ads as well as unlimited downloading.

What types of accounts exist?

There are three kinds of accounts, which are “Featured accounts”, “Basic Accounts” and “Premium Accounts”. You can pick the one you prefer. The most popular choice can be the premium account that provides access to a huge collection of TV and movie shows.

What are the benefits I get from an account that is premium?

The Premium Account of iFlix gives access to a huge collection of films, and TV shows, as well as exclusive content that is not accessible in other accounts, such as HD Quality films, high-quality series, and even episodes that can be viewed offline.


Iflix is the previous streaming service, and you haven’t heard up to the present. It was launched in 2014 and was only available to 13 countries, which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Maldives, and Pakistan. If you’re a fan of binge-watching and have found the application on Play Store and want to finish all of its collections and have it installed, install the iFlix Mod Apk.

Download the app now by clicking the link below and then install it on your mobile device to stream every single one of your favorite shows for free. It’s a fantastic app with a stunning collection of Movies as well as TV-Shows Web-Series and TV-Shows. You can view everything in Ultra HD 4K quality free without cost in the modified application. Don’t wait any longer to download Iflix Mod immediately!!

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