DragonVale Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked Everything]

This time, the game is a dragon, but it’s a warm-up game with almost any combat. A touching video game called DragonVale emphasizes training and island growth. The previous version’s aesthetics have undergone a significant overhaul, and there are now charming dragons to choose from. In the breeding game DragonVale Mod Apk, you can hatch at least 250 different kinds of dragon eggs.

Feed them, breed them, and then breed additional dragons by mating them with existing dragons. In the simulation game DragonVale, which trains dragons, let’s gather a variety of dragons. This game was developed by Deca Games.

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What is DragonVale Mod Apk?

People of different ages and interests can have a lot of fun playing dragon games. A modified version of DragonVale is now available on our website DragonVale Mod Apk. With enough elements to attract everyone from young children to adults, the variety in the genre makes them fascinating to people of all ages! You will be feeding, developing, and training monsters in this dragon breeding game.

You can zoom in on some fire-breathing dragons, which are among the cutest animals on earth, in the best 3D dragon breeding game for Android.

Earlier History

International game developer Backflip Studios is working on ninja and dragon training games, among other titles. One of this company’s most popular games is DragonVale Mod Apk. Getting and loading the eggs is the first stage. A seemingly dragon-like uncle will thoroughly go over each one. You can only get one dragon at a time. Your dragons can now have names of their choosing.

Indicate that it is the only keyboard available that supports English, although you are free to give it any name you like. Go to the island now. Before dragons can lay their eggs and hatch at the egg farm, you must find a home for them to reside in.

Each dragon needs its own habitat, which you must build in an open area. This will enable the dragon to reside on the island. In addition to hatching from eggs, you can also pair up two dragons in the cave. You’ll get a brand-new dragon egg from it.

There are many different dragons, however, some can only be bought with real money, while others may be bought with gems that can be recharged for a cost. Even without using gems, you can breed dragons to create them.

Imaginative Gameplay

You’ll learn how to use it as the video progresses because it is simple to use. It is a fun game to raise various dragons, but the key thing is the money in the game and the food of the dragon. You can’t create many facilities without money, and you can’t raise strong dragons without food, therefore you’ll never find a rarer dragon.

Each dragon releases money when it is raised. Let’s construct a new facility while gathering effectively. On a joke farm, we can make dragon bait. Let’s do this repeatedly and effectively, even though it costs a lot of resources. Give the food to the dragon once it has collected to a certain point to raise the dragon’s level.

Welcome a new dragon if you increase the level and add a few dragons. It is the result of the multiplication of two dragons that were bred from animals. Let’s open the egg and increase the level once more. Give a new dragon a name when it emerges. You can sell a dragon that you already have accumulated.

How to play?

The game’s rules are also very straightforward and ideal for a wide variety of players. The game will make players feel relaxed, something they will like. Players greatly value the unique and fresh features that provide the game with more positive attributes. Players will be allowed to select the islands of their choice, and there will be a variety of species from which to choose and hatch eggs. Give them love and attention so they can do objectives and earn more diamonds. The hues of numerous and varied species provide new forms of beauty for players to enjoy. The mother dinosaur is also quite good due to its distinctive color and shape. To design your park, floating islands are constructed and exquisitely ornamented in the sky. It is a wonderful feeling to be in DragonVale.

Features of DragonVale Mod Apk

The dragon needs food to level up

A funny farm can be built to generate food. The level will increase and the appearance will alter if you feed them properly. The habitat where the dragon resides is also a place where you can get money.

Raising the level will modify both the rate and the rate at which you can gather money. Please be aware that when you are out for mating, the payout does not increase. Not only in structures and habitats but also in stores, you can purchase decorations. It is crucial to building a small island with decorations in addition to raising dragons.

You can draw more people to your island by building it (people visiting the island). By increasing the level, new islands can also be purchased. You can expand your island and build a stunning archipelago by buying another one.

Buildings and habitats must be constructed on the island by clearing away rocks, plants, and trees. You can clean the island and create more room for installation by removing it. Not only removal but also egg hatching, mating, and habitat creation require time.

All time-consuming tasks can be completed swiftly and with little waste

If you do not pay for it, it will be more effective. Waiting is worthwhile since the jeweler is expensive. You can tidy everything up to this point if you play for a bit. Additionally, you get to choose when to reach a level 10 island theme.

This island’s “plant” theme is represented by an ivy-covered island. As you advance in level, additional island themes become available. Two facilities are located nearby. You can view the collected dragons in the tiny facility below known as the Dragonarium. The released dragon eggs are also for sale here.

The Cave of Social Breed is the noteworthy facility above. Your dragon can mate with those of other players. There is a good chance you will encounter a dragon you have never seen because it will cross you with a dragon you do not have.

Please be aware that it will require a lot of time. One island exists in a remote location far from space. This dragon resides here and has the ability to breed and eat. The cash may be gathered here, and it is increasing at a dizzying rate.

Dragon of Eradiation

Use this dragon as its level will rise if you want to make money effectively. In order to advance, you might purchase more facilities. In the image above, you can enter your dragon in various contests and earn rewards by doing so.

When you play the game, time passes without any player-on-player combat, and you receive a chapter. Developing the island by raising the bar and opening new facilities is a lot of fun.


In terms of breeding, if your pals are having fun in DragonVale, you can breed your dragon with theirs. The breed comes highly recommended if your buddies own a rare or uncommon dragon. Additionally, giving presents every day is good. Invite pals you haven’t played with before; that’s also fun. You can also acquire breed-specific advice through this gentle technique.

If you’re still having trouble saving money, you can execute and complete numerous challenges to earn money and food, so let’s do it slowly. Mini-games are also available. You can obtain adorable dragons and ornaments by participating in mini-games. The Dragon Vale’s allure is derived from a variety of factors, not just its emphasis on training.

Once the game has advanced, we advise you to verify the collection. At the bottom of the screen, touch the Dragonarium. The dragons that can be found in DragonVale are listed below. It seems difficult to collect them all because there seem to be dragons for every season, but it is fun to fill them one at a time.

Additionally, there is a pedestal collection on that you may place eggs on. It’s entertaining to read since when you touch it, details about the dragon and pedestal will appear.

Visuals and audio effects

Players may almost feel the heat spreading from the smallest features in the game if they focus on its substance and intricate layout. The gamer assumes command of the island of the wildlands and focuses his efforts on practicing dragon battle, as directed by DragonVale, which has a rather condensed mission arrangement.

Each of the seven types of dragons—earth, fire, water, ice, metal, wind, and wood—has distinct characteristics. Gamers can breed two different sorts of dragons with different traits to create new breeds, which will result in hundreds of different varieties of dragons.

Additionally, gamers need to feed them frequently. The nursing sector likewise needs to concentrate, expand, and modernize. Players can eventually construct dragon farms on a larger and more monumental scale by regularly maintaining and refreshing them. Then challenge other players.

If you pick, consider whether DragonVale’s goal is logical and not monotonous. You will be interested in the game’s lovely graphics, rich material, and theme.

People’s Favorite Features of DragonVale

It is a game of training and construction of a healing system where you may unwind and build an island because there is absolutely no combat. The impression of being a recently expanding island with growing communities.

It is a rare occurrence in a game where the dragon takes the lead in breeding a dragon with numerous images that appear in the conflict in a calm environment. The fight lacks excitement, but you can work hard to expand the island, making it ideal for individuals who enjoy trick-based games.

It’s convenient to have the ability to design your own island because you may freely decorate and personalize it.

It’s also intriguing to know that by mating, you can produce a new species of dragon. Let’s make up a fictional island-building narrative since there isn’t any preexisting one. We have dependable assistance because commentaries and ales arrive infrequently.

Why I Like This Game

With its distinctive features, gorgeous graphics, and fantastic game soundtrack, DragonVale stands out among games with similar features. It is the ideal blend of these elements. The game’s current level of success can be attributed to the brilliant concepts the founder included in it. Each player has given the game favorable feedback, and these reviews are examined and chosen to enhance the experience for all players. The game benefits greatly from good graphics, and players are also affected positively by attractive graphics. Since then, the game has gained widespread recognition and a growing number of downloads. Players are unable to help but adore these songs when it comes to video game music. The game’s excellent music has contributed to some of its current success.

How can you use DragonVale?

There are various ways to make money in DragonVale Mod Apk [Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlocked Everything]. You might go treasure hunting, manufacture crafts, or look for items to sell. The best strategy for making money is to find a way that suits you. While some people find it advantageous to sell products they come across while exploring the world, others discover that it is more profitable to develop and sell items they have created. Find the money-making strategy in DragonVale Mod App that works best for you.


However, because it is a foreign website, it is challenging to find information on the tactic. It’s best to go slowly because learning the process is not a difficult game. Processing each piece of work can take some time.

You will require extra gems as the process takes longer. Use flowers if you want to go forward right away or if you want a rare dragon because you could need gems to gain facilities and dragons.

Although you can sometimes progress without paying if you so like, you can charge for the gemstone.

Mod Features

  • Everything is limitless
  • Free Purchasing
  • Unrestricted funds
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What’s New?

  • Added event: “Camping under the Stars”
  • An added embellishment of a stargazer
  • Added starry decorations
  • Added Gravity Dragon
  • Added: Cansian Dragon
  • Added Ariesian Dragon
  • Added Zodiac element
  • Added Zodiac Habitat
  • Added a large zodiac habitat
  • Additional Giant Zodiac Habitat

How to get DragonVale Mod Apk for Android

The most downloaded dragon simulation game on the Google Play Store is currently DragonVale Mod App. Its widespread appeal can be attributed to the simplicity of the controls and excellent graphics.

Dragon cash can be used to upgrade the player’s dragon sanctuary, buy additional furnishings and structures at the DragonVale market, and buy eggs at the Egg Shop.

How to Install DragonVale Mod Apk on Android?

First, make sure to remove any earlier versions of this game that may have been installed on your device.

In case the installation doesn’t begin, Go to Settings, Click on Security, and then Click on Enable The Unknown Sources.

Installing the mod APK file for this application is quite simple. To install this software on Android devices, follow these simple instructions.

1. To Download, Click the download icon below.

2. After the Download is finished, open it.

3. Set up the App on your Android Phone or Tablet.

4. Comply with all of the Internal Directions.

5. Once it has been Correctly Installed, Launch the Program and Take Advantage of all of its Wonderful Features.

How to Install DragonVale Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Installing on a PC is quite simple. Use Bluestacks or NOX player to accomplish this. Here is the procedure.

1. To run any mobile application on a computer, you must first download and install the Bluestacks player, an android emulator, on your computer.

2. You must download the mod apk from our site after installing the emulator.

3. To begin the installation process after downloading, click “Import From Windows” or run the file.

4. Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using the program.

Questions and Answers Regarding DragonVale Mod Apk

Is downloading DragonVale Mod Apk from this website safe?

Yes! 100% safe. On our website, apkgreek.com, we do not add any dangerous code to any APK file. For our readers who want more features, we occasionally publish modded Apk Files in addition to the original Apk Files (source: Google Play Store). So, don’t be alarmed. Download and install the programs and games you choose from our website, then have fun.

Is the version modified?

Yes! It is a modified edition. Contact us if it does not work.

Have a direct download link, please?

Yes! You can download the file with only one click after we posted it to our server.

Is it the newest version?

Yes! This app is the most recent version.

Download link error or not found?

Please let us know if the download link is broken by leaving a comment or contacting us.
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DragonVale now has to be considered among the captivating management simulation games available on mobile devices. Players are drawn to the tournament from the very beginning. Due to DragonVale’s combination of gorgeous graphics, soft in each frame, and different online control tools in the staging of an online game version, it is certainly reasonable. You can completely enjoy the development of the dragon and the island in the game DragonVale Mod Apk. Why not create an island for your dragon to live on?

Additionally, the game will allow you to explore more than one hundred stunning islands, which you may later embellish with a variety of ornaments. However, a few game things are locked and unreachable unless you have dragon cash, which you can get by making real-world purchases.

Player’s Evaluation

Nasima Mila remarked, “This is the best game I have ever seen. Because not all games are always available, it is quite realistic. They are accessible throughout the year at various times. A year is filled with festivities. If you install it, you could find it uninteresting. But if you continue to improve your park, the result would be…

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