Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk Download 2022 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Gold]

Are mind-straining games making you bored? The Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk is ideal for you in that case. There are more than 80 million participants in this strategy game. This will be your greatest alternative if you want to relieve the tension of daily life.

With more than 80 million players as of this writing, Cartoon Wars 3 is one of the games with a sizable international fan base. For new users, there is a starter’s bundle. With all of its thrill, this game will absolutely engross you. You can play Cartoon Wars 3 online or after downloading it to your PC.

Cartoon Wars 3’s gameplay is modeled around a traditional tower defense game. Your kingdom and the enemy’s kingdom are represented on the horizontal screen by two towers directly across from one another. Of course, both countries simply desire to use war to exterminate the other kingdom. To attack or thwart an opposing onslaught, you must call up your army of soldiers.

What Is Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk?

There are many different stick figure characters in the game, and you’ll get frustrated with how they’re handled. In any case, if you want to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Simply unwind and allow this game to consume you. Even if everything is a little disorganized right now, you must defeat every foe. Stickmen in the plaza by taking up residence in a convenient location there.

In Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk for Android, you arrive at the spot. You’ll have to go on a new journey with the small saints because of your acquaintance with animated characters. In this game, you must prepare to form your property while defending it from adversaries and brutes. A never-before-seen gathering of government representatives to fight enemies you can choose to fight in social affair battles or single-singular warfare. Invite your friends, and engage in combat with them to demonstrate the separate realm.

You have access to a number of barriers and fighting tools throughout the entire game. In spite of this, you can utilize a reward to improve your warrior’s skills and gear.

Features of Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK

Tower Defense Techniques

In the game, you can tactically assemble your own army to destroy the rival team’s tower. The arrow launcher can be used to defend the castle from any approaching hostile units. Boosting or leveling your winning units will also make them better. This gives you the ability to combine and develop characters to make them even more potent.

There’s no need to dig into specifics about the plot because the main idea and objective of killing every warrior are all that matter. The way a game is played is what matters most, and it has been done very effectively. There are a number of non-living animals that you can use a technique against, and you must. There are other different fight modes available as well. The details of the fight modes are listed below. Strategically gather your troops, then take out the other tower. To repel approaching enemy forces, use your arrow launcher to protect your castle.

The fighting Styles

There are numerous fight modes available in the game from which to pick. For an even better experience, you can also ask your friends to join you in team fighting. To prove your worth in the game, you can also take part in raids.

In most cases, Cartoon Wars 3 will sync all of your contacts for the in-game add buddy option. Personal data is often well-protected and only used to enhance game features. There are numerous language versions of this game.

One thing you’ll notice about Cartoon Wars 3 is that some of the game’s extras may need you to fork out a little extra cash. The designer of this game is Gam Evil. Several reviews show what a great game this is.

Cartoon Wars is a game that millions of people like playing for a very good reason. We shouldn’t forget about you.

Make Your Summonses Effective

Once you acquire 4,500 coins or 60 crystals, the common and premium currencies, you can use your summons. Regardless of the coin, you select, your chances of getting a rare character are essentially the same.

If you can only summon a common character, don’t give up. Low-mana characters are still helpful because they can accomplish what we discussed above: divert enemies while higher-mana characters increase their mana.

You can Alter Your Primary Unit

  • Users can no longer switch out your main unit (team leader) with another unit as you could in Cartoon Wars 3, one of the changes made by Gam evil. There is a workaround, though, and it entails choosing a different unit to serve as your team’s leader. If a separate unit from your team leader has a green checkmark over their avatar in the Kingdom menu, select it. Once you’ve viewed the unit info page, tap the crown icon to make that unit your new commander. Make a careful choice because leaders have stronger attack and hit point stats!
  • Enhance or level up your units to give them a boost!
  • Characters can get stronger by combining and evolving!
  • Regarding Fusions And Evolution.

There are a few additional things you may do to boost your units in addition to upgrades and enhancements. A random unit with a rarity of one star higher is created when completely upgraded and enhanced units are combined. The process of evolving them, on the other hand, requires the use of two identical units and yields the same character with a one-star higher rarity level.

Use Skill Cards to Outfit Your Units

If you have any skill cards, equip them for your units so you can get rewards from solo missions and levels like skill cards and other goodies. There are many different sizes and forms of skill cards, and some can raise ATK while others can raise HP. But before you can equip a skill card, you must first obtain a skilled space for a unit.

Images and Audio

There is plenty of enjoyment to be gained within the game. Quality graphics, as well as clear sights and animations, make it simple for the player to kill time while having a great time. It has a significant effect. You can select between 3D and 4D qualities in this game. You’ll have the impression that it is happening in front of your eyes.

Unlimited Gold, Gems, and Money

You will have infinite gold and won’t need to use real money to purchase anything from the game store thanks to this Cartoon Wars 3 Mod apk. This implies that using Cartoon Wars 3 Cheats will get you limitless access to both gold and cash. Stop stressing about using real money to get in-game things and take pleasure in this Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk.

Combat Mode

Since the spectacular battle mode serves as the foundation of this game, As a result, your adversary will be the mighty heroes in cartoon form. You will have a difficult time surviving in this battle style because every team will be attempting to do so.

In other words, the epic conflict between you and your opponents actually marks the beginning of this battle game’s attractiveness.

Select from Several Fighting Modes

  • Ask your buddies to join you in a team battle!
  • In Raid, prove your worth!

Release Events

Numerous events are waiting for you in this game. You can sign up for many powerful events on a weekly and monthly basis to advance on the leaderboard.

You can learn more about the game and dominate your opponents by using the greatest methods and tactics you’ve picked up from the events.

Guard the Kingdom

Protecting the kingdom and the area where you are currently residing will be your main responsibility. Protect the kingdom before fighting the opposition so that you and your kingdom can withstand the attack.

When your kingdom is under siege, direct your military men toward various defense towers so they can prevent your attackers from doing much damage to your kingdom.


Adjust your power to the available weaponry. The ability to customize the game is its biggest feature. Make your territory unique. Make your force unique. In other words, you have the option to start anew with your emperor and customize any of the modules.

Boost Your Sense of Belonging

In cartoon wars Mod android download, numerous diverse sub-devices come together to form a unified entity. The first thing you need to do is gather the squad as a whole.

Launch Events

If you want to learn the greatest defensive strategies and everything there is to know about the game, you must go to the events that the mod APK team members host. Since you can learn more in these events than you can alone—which were inspired by the game Cartoon Wars 1 Modded APK—you must, however, lead your team and groups in front of your opponents. You can pick up a lot from the team-planned activities, including defensive strategies and suggestions from your rivals.

What Sets Free Version Apart From MOD Version?

  • A modified version, the free version
  • Every premium feature
  • You must buy everything
  • Nothing is locked
  • No advertisements problem
  • Auto updates
  • Clean (Virus-Free) ( No Virus )

Permissions of Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk

Modify the Audio Settings:

Enables the program to alter system-wide audio settings, including output speaker selection and volume. Regulating vibration allows the vibrator to be controlled by the app.

Turn Off the Screen Lock:

Enables the key lock and any associated password security to be disabled by the program. For instance, the phone turns off the key lock when it receives an incoming call and turns it back on when the call is over.

Override Other Apps:

Enables the application to draw on top of other programs or UI elements. They might obstruct your ability to use any application’s interface or alter what you think you’re seeing in other programs.

Locate Accounts on the Gadget:

Enables the program to obtain the list of accounts that the device is aware of. This can include any accounts made by any installed software.

Complete Network Access:

Allows the application to use unique network protocols and network sockets. This permission is not necessary to send data to the internet because the browser and other applications offer ways to do so.

Change or Remove the Data on your USB Storage:

Enables writing to the USB storage by the software.

Change the System Settings:

Gives the program the ability to change the system’s settings. The setup of your system could be ruined by malicious programs.

Reconfigure Your Contacts:

Enables the app to change the information about your contacts that is saved on your smartphone, including how often you have called, emailed, or spoken to them in other ways. Using this permission, apps can remove contact information.

Sync with Bluetooth Gadgets:

Gives the app the ability to connect to linked devices and inspect the device’s Bluetooth setup.

Keep the Smartphone from Going to Sleep:

Makes it possible for the app to stop the smartphone from going to sleep.

The Identity and State of your Phone:

Enables access to the phone’s functionality for the app. With this permission, the app is able to learn the user’s phone number, device ID, whether a call is active, and the distant number to which the call is linked.

Read Private Log Information:

Enables reading from the system’s various log files by the app. This enables it to learn broad information about how you use the device, possibly including private or sensitive data.

Check the Information on Your USB Storage:

Enables reading from your USB storage by the program.

Consult Your Contacts:

Enables the app to read information about your contacts that is stored on your device, including how frequently you have called, emailed, or spoken to them in other ways. Applications with this permission are able to save your contact information, and malicious applications may do so without your awareness.

Check your Own Business Card:

Enables the app to read personal profile data, like your name and contact details that is stored on your smartphone. This implies that the app can recognize you and might disclose information about your profile to others.

Obtaining Data from the Internet:

Enables apps to receive messages sent from the app’s service to a device from the cloud. Data use will be incurred by using this service. Malicious programs might use a lot of data.

Capture Audio:

Enables the app to use the microphone to record audio. The app may capture audio at any time without your consent thanks to this permission.

Redirect Incoming Calls:

Gives the user the choice to reroute an incoming call to a different number or end the call completely. This feature enables the app to see the number being dialed during an outgoing call.

Obtain Active Applications:

Enables the app to retrieve data about tasks that are now executing and have recently finished. This can enable the app to learn which apps are currently being utilized on the device.

Starting up:

Enables the software to be launched immediately once the machine has finished booting. As a result, it might take longer to start the device and the software might be able to slow down the whole thing by running continuously.

Broadcast a Sticky, message:

Enables the app to send persistent broadcasts that continue to exist after the broadcast has ended. The device may become sluggish or unstable due to excessive memory usage.

Network Connections to View:

Enables the app to display details about network connections, such as a list of connected and existing networks.

Looking at Wi-Fi Connections:

Enables the app to examine Wi-Fi networking information, including the name of connected Wi-Fi devices and if Wi-Fi is active.

Keep a Call Log:

Enables the app to change the information about incoming and outgoing calls in your device’s call log. This could be used by malicious apps to delete or alter your call history.

Why The MOD Version Isn’t Available on Google Play?

The Google Play store has millions of games and apps, but in order to be there, an app must adhere to certain guidelines put forth by Google. Due to the fact that Google Play Store does not offer the modded or premium version of any application, Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK does not adhere to the guidelines established by Google. This is the reason why the Google Play Store does not have this game.

How to Install Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk for iOS & Android?

First, make sure to remove any earlier versions of this game that may have been installed on your device.

In case the installation doesn’t begin, Go to Settings, Click on Security, and then Click on Enable The Unknown Sources.

How to Install Chikki Mod Apk on Android?

Installing the mod APK file for this application is quite simple. To install this software on Android devices, follow these simple instructions.

1. To Download, Click the download icon below.

2. After the Download is finished, open it.

3. Set up the App on your Android Phone or Tablet.

4. Comply with all of the Internal Directions.

5. Once it has been Correctly Installed, Launch the Program and Take Advantage of all of its Wonderful Features.

How to Install Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Installing on a PC is quite simple. Use Bluestacks or NOX player to accomplish this. Here is the procedure.

1. To run any mobile application on a computer, you must first download and install the Bluestacks player, an android emulator, on your computer.

2. You must download the mod apk from our site after installing the emulator.

3. To begin the installation process after downloading, click “Import From Windows” or run the file.

4. Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using the program.

How to Install Chikki Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

How Do I Install Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK on a MAC?

The procedure for installing MOD APK is the same as the previous one. Get an Android emulator installed (Nox Players or Bluestacks). To ensure a seamless installation after installing the emulator, follow the instructions listed below.
For your MAC, use the official website to get an emulator. You may easily download either the Nox or Bluestacks players.

  1. Follow the system’s installation instructions to install the emulator after downloading.
  2. Complete the steps in the above instructions to get the MOD APK.
  3. Select “Open with Nox player or Bluestacks” to open the file on your MAC device using the installed emulator.
  4. Click Accept to accept the terms and conditions and begin the installation procedure on your MAC device. The installation procedure will start and take a little while to finish.
  5. A pop-up message appears after the installation is finished. After that, enjoy by creating a desktop shortcut for this MOD APK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Apk

Q1. What changes do you make in Cartoon Wars 3?

To evolve, you’ll need two identical MU. When rounded down, the evolved unit will be +1 star superior to the MU you used, saving you GP, AU, and SP. (Evolving Necklace would only be helpful if both troops possessed them; it lacks a Skill.)

Q2. Is it safe to use Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK?

We guarantee that if you download this MOD APK from our website using the provided link, it will be fully safe to use and free of any viruses or malware. This file may appear to be infected with a virus on your mobile device or Google Drive, but it is not. These are the only features in this app that can be used to unlock MOD functionality. Be at ease and install it. Every MOD APK you see on our website has been rigorously tested before being made available to you.

Q3. APK for Cartoon Wars 3 is it Free?

Again, you won’t have to pay anything to play this game if you get it from our website. Therefore, this app is entirely free in theory.

Q4. Can I use MOD APK Offline or Whenever I Want?

This game can be played for as long as you want. This game is available whenever you want to play. The APKs on other websites have not been checked by us, thus we cannot guarantee their functionality. However, if you download the program from our website, it will always function.

Q5. Why Should I Download the MOD APK for Cartoon Wars 3?

You must be sick of playing the original version with all its restrictions if you clicked on this blog. You are also aware of the length of time required to complete the original version. As a result, you should download the MOD version from our website since it is completely free to play and contains infinite MOD features.

Q6. Is this a Sport that Anyone could Theoretically Play?

Yes, the cost of this activity is zero.

Q7. Have you ever had a Malware or Virus Infection?

No, this game does not provide any security risks.

Q8. What Features does the Mod have?

Unlimited money is one of the mod features in this game’s mod apk offline.

Q9. How is Cartoon Wars 3 downloaded?

A: To download the Cartoon Wars 3 mod APK, click the icon below. Install it and have fun playing this game on your mobile.

Q10. Is this Game Playable on a Computer?

A: No, this game can only be played on Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Q11. Do this Game’s in-app Purchases Exist?

A: Yes, there are some pricey in-app purchases that must be made, and you will quickly run out of Gold.

Q12. Where can I Get Cartoon Battles to Play?

Cartoon Wars is an arcade game produced by GAMEVIL. The Bluestacks app player is the best option for playing this Android game on your PC or Mac if you want an immersive gaming experience.


Even though -could appear to be very similar to other war games, its fans were actually given access to an entirely unique setting. Never will a similar mobile game be available on the Google Play Store.

We personally advise you to give this application a try once because of its superior visuals and its distinctive narrative.

You’ll have to contend with any stick figure characters that the game may contain in large numbers. Allow yourself to unwind and get caught up in this cartoon battle that you won’t be able to cheat. Even though the situation right now is a little chaotic, you still need to defeat every opponent.

After reading this extensive essay tutorial created by APK, I hope you understand everything. We would be happy to respond to any questions you may have in the comments box provided below. Additionally, read other articles to find even more incredible Mods. We hope you found this post to be educational and beneficial. If you do, be sure to look at the additional apps that we have listed on our website. Visit the blog frequently to see new postings about games, apps, software, etc. Having fun!

I’m grateful.

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