Audible Mod Apk Download 2022 [Premium/Unlocked]

Are you seeking a mobile application where you may listen to a variety of novels and storybooks? If the answer is yes, Then You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to share an app with you. You don’t need to look any further than this post because Audible Mod Apk is an app that has a huge selection of audiobooks and podcasts that you can listen to without any issues. The books and reference section of the Audible app is the greatest.

Since Audible has everything you need and is always ready to go, there is no need to use numerous apps to enjoy each piece of content separately.

What Exactly does Audible: Audiobooks & Podcasts Apk do?

Amazon owns the digital audiobook and podcast service Audible. Don Katz established the business in 1995; it has its corporate headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.

An Android storytelling eBook app is called Audible Apk. This software will serve the same purpose as the stories your elders used to tell you when you were younger. You can also select well-known and fashionable novels from the era and get a general overview of them. However, this Apk version has a lot of in-app purchases and some advertisements.

With a monthly subscription to Audible, you can listen to audiobooks and podcasts indefinitely. The program offers access to premium material including Audible Originals, audiobooks from well-known authors, and well-liked podcasts.

How do I Use Audible Mod Apk?

Many people find listening to audio presentations less interesting and practical than reading books. Furthermore, mobile users will now have access to a single, unified platform where they can enjoy real audiobooks and well-known podcasts while on the go, rather than having to search online from various sources for their favorite podcasts and audiobooks.

Access to the audiobooks, podcasts, and original shows in the Audible plus Catalog is free for Audible Premium subscribers. Visit the website and register with your Amazon account to begin your free audible Premium trial. Although you must input your payment details. You won’t be charged until after your free trial has ended.

You may access all premium features for free with the Audible Mod Apk, a modified version of the genuine Audible app. With this app, you may listen to any audiobook in the Audible Library without interruption or commercials.

How does Audible Mod Apk Function?

Found at Audible a monthly audiobook membership service, the most comprehensive selection. You have two options for listening to audiobooks: streaming them or downloading the audiobook file to your device. Here at Audible Mod Apk, given access to the largest audio entertainment library in the world. Where you can listen to all your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, newscasts, and other audio content whenever you want.

Prepare to become fully immersed in the enormous library of original shows, podcasts, and audiobooks from a variety of genres and fascinating subjects. You can browse the collection quickly and choose your favorite programmers. Utilize the built-in audio player, which has a variety of useful features that let you playback the content with basic controls and customized settings.

Requirements of Audible Mod Apk

For those who are interested, users can now download the free Audible app from the Google Play Store, which ought to be accessible to all Android users. Users must pay the premium fees to unlock the entire application, though, as it still has advertisements and premium features.

Mobile devices upgraded to the most recent firmware versions. Particularly Android 6.0 and up, in order to guarantee their reliability and system compatibility. Additionally, remember to grant the in-app features all necessary access permissions at all times. To ensure that the program runs without any issues, don’t forget to approve its requested requests.

Amazing Features of Audible Mod Apk

Open the built-in library to have access to and control over all of the platform’s audio content, including that which you have downloaded, purchased, marked as a favorite, and other items that you have added. All of the fun things that offer the app has to are listed below:

Disconnect by Tuning In

Hear an intriguing story. Check out the most recent science fiction or fantasy books, crack up with comedy podcasts, unwind with meditation books, or hone your sleuthing abilities with a new mystery series or actual crime podcast.

Audible Mod Apk

Easy to Use and Simple

Android users now have access to straightforward and practical audiobook software with Audible that they can use on the go. To find your favorite entries, all you have to do is browse the intuitive library or use the Discovery menu. Audible features all the content you could ever want, including well-known books, podcasts, and exclusive audiobooks.

Enjoy Many Excellent Entries

Android users will be able to enjoy thousands of binge-worthy pieces of content from a variety of categories and genres thanks to Audible’s enormous library of great entries. Feel free to browse thousands of entries for your preferred podcasts, live streaming, news updates, audiobooks, and other Audible originals.

Audible Mod Apk

Save and Play it Offline

The Audible app also enables users to download. Listen to their favorite entries while offline, ensuring that all friends can enjoy the audiobooks, podcasts, and other streams on the go. Now, all have to do is download the content before leaving, and it will be accessible during your everyday trips without the need for an Internet connection. Anytime and wherever stream and listen to your favorite stuff.

Enable Alerts and Reminders

Android users may use Audible to receive notifications about all the newest shows based on their interests, fresh updates, episodes from their Favorite lists, and reminders for forthcoming listens. By doing so, you can develop your own listening pattern and keep people interested in the app. You are welcome to modify the reminders and alerts to fit your own tastes and to establish a “reading” habit.

Audible Mod Apk

Motivating Voices to Maintain your Interest

The excellent stories and audio content will be narrated by a variety of inspiring voices. Making it possible for Android users to constantly stay interested in their favorite books or podcasts thanks to Audible. To further appreciate the selected content, one can select from a variety of voices here.

Integrated Library for Simple Management

Users of Android devices may manage their various audio collections with ease thanks to Audible’s built-in library. Here, you can view the audiobooks, podcasts, and other Audible content you’ve purchased or subscribed to. You may quickly search through many menus to find your entries by Wish List, Collections, Authors, Genres, Downloaded, and other criteria. Additionally, the library will indicate in your books which novels you are currently reading, finishing, or have not yet begun trying to read, so you will always know which one you are.

Audible Mod Apk

Handy Features Built into the Built-In Audio Player

For mobile users, playing back books, podcasts, and other streams in the Audible app will be quite simple thanks to the handy audio player. You are free to adjust the audio material in this area using a variety of practical playback options. In addition, you can access the audio player from the notification bar, which enables you to change the playback options even when you’re in another app or the lock screen is active.

On the Home Screen, Enable the Widget

Users of Audible may now quickly access the audiobook platform without opening the app by adding widgets to their home screens on Android devices. To browse your library, hunt for books, and begin playing while you’re on the go, just use the on-screen widget. You can use that time to work on other apps because it will undoubtedly save you time.

Enjoy the Unlocked, Free App on our Website

Android users can now choose the modded version of the software on our website in place of the full edition of Audible, which comes at a premium charge. Here, we provide a customized version of the app with disabled advertisements and unlocked functionality so you can always get the most out of it without spending any money. The Audible Mod APK and instructions are all that is required to get the audio entertainment platform up and running.

Audible Mod Apk

Popular Publications

Another useful feature of Audible is the recommendations section. It suggests the best-selling books based on the number of times these eBooks are downloaded. There, you can select the most popular novels.

Organize Routine

You can set a sleep timer if using this app throws off your schedule in any way. When it is time to go to bed, your sleeping timer will start working. Furthermore, the timer alerts users to close the app when they use it for an extended period so as not to disrupt their routine.

Numerous Books

Do not assume that this app only has a small selection of books. This program offers users access to numerous book libraries. You can now freely access all genres of books, including encyclopedias, novels, nonfiction, and scientific works, among many others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Audible Mod Apk


  • Audible originals
  • Bestsellers
  • Novels, podcasts
  • A sizable collection to find favorites
  • Multiple categories
  • An intuitive software
  • Well-optimized performance
  • A great user interface
  • A lightweight program


  • Note the standard version of this app features advertisements
  • Requires a membership to use

Permissions of Audible Mod Apk

Modify the Audio Settings:

Enables the program to alter system-wide audio settings, including output speaker selection and volume. Regulating vibration allows the vibrator to be controlled by the app.

Turn Off the Screen Lock:

Enables the key lock and any associated password security to be disabled by the program. For instance, the phone turns off the key lock when it receives an incoming call and turns it back on when the call is over.

Override Other Apps:

Enables the application to draw on top of other programs or UI elements. They might obstruct your ability to use any application’s interface or alter what you think you’re seeing in other programs.

Locate Accounts on the Gadget:

Enables the program to obtain the list of accounts that the device is aware of. This can include any accounts made by any installed software.

Complete Network Access:

Allows the application to use unique network protocols and network sockets. This permission is not necessary to send data to the internet because the browser and other applications offer ways to do so.

Change or Remove the Data on your USB Storage:

Enables writing to the USB storage by the software.

Change the System Settings:

Gives the program the ability to change the system’s settings. The setup of your system could be ruined by malicious programs.

Reconfigure Your Contacts:

Enables the app to change the information about your contacts that is saved on your smartphone, including how often you have called, emailed, or spoken to them in other ways. Using this permission, apps can remove contact information.

Sync with Bluetooth Gadgets:

Gives the app the ability to connect to linked devices and inspect the device’s Bluetooth setup.

Keep the Smartphone from Going to Sleep:

Makes it possible for the app to stop the smartphone from going to sleep.

The Identity and State of your Phone:

Enables access to the phone’s functionality for the app. With this permission, the app is able to learn the user’s phone number, device ID, whether a call is active, and the distant number to which the call is linked.

Read Private Log Information:

Enables reading from the system’s various log files by the app. This enables it to learn broad information about how you use the device, possibly including private or sensitive data.

Check the Information on Your USB Storage:

Enables reading from your USB storage by the program.

Consult Your Contacts:

Enables the app to read information about your contacts that is stored on your device, including how frequently you have called, emailed, or spoken to them in other ways. Applications with this permission are able to save your contact information, and malicious applications may do so without your awareness.

Check your Own Business Card:

Enables the app to read personal profile data, like your name and contact details that is stored on your smartphone. This implies that the app can recognize you and might disclose information about your profile to others.

Obtaining Data from the Internet:

Enables apps to receive messages sent from the app’s service to a device from the cloud. Data use will be incurred by using this service. Malicious programs might use a lot of data.

Capture Audio:

Enables the app to use the microphone to record audio. The app may capture audio at any time without your consent thanks to this permission.

Redirect Incoming Calls:

Gives the user the choice to reroute an incoming call to a different number or end the call completely. This feature enables the app to see the number being dialed during an outgoing call.

Obtain Active Applications:

Enables the app to retrieve data about tasks that are now executing and have recently finished. This can enable the app to learn which apps are currently being utilized on the device.

Starting up:

Enables the software to be launched immediately once the machine has finished booting. As a result, it might take longer to start the device and the software might be able to slow down the whole thing by running continuously.

Broadcast a Sticky, message:

Enables the app to send persistent broadcasts that continue to exist after the broadcast has ended. The device may become sluggish or unstable due to excessive memory usage.

Network Connections to View:

Enables the app to display details about network connections, such as a list of connected and existing networks.

Looking at Wi-Fi Connections:

Enables the app to examine Wi-Fi networking information, including the name of connected Wi-Fi devices and if Wi-Fi is active.

Keep a Call Log:

Enables the app to change the information about incoming and outgoing calls in your device’s call log. This could be used by malicious apps to delete or alter your call history.

How to Install Audible Mod Apk on Android?

First, make sure to remove any earlier versions of this game that may have been installed on your device.

In case the installation doesn’t begin, Go to Settings, Click on Security, and then Click on Enable The Unknown Sources.

Installing the mod APK file for this application is quite simple. To install this software on Android devices, follow these simple instructions.

1. To Download, Click the download icon below.

2. After the Download is finished, open it.

3. Set up the App on your Android Phone or Tablet.

4. Comply with all of the Internal Directions.

5. Once it has been Correctly Installed, Launch the Program and Take Advantage of all of its Wonderful Features.

How to Install Audible Mod Apk on PC/Computer?

Installing on a PC is quite simple. Use Bluestacks or NOX player to accomplish this. Here is the procedure.

1. To run any mobile application on a computer, you must first download and install the Bluestacks player, an android emulator, on your computer.

2. You must download the mod apk from our site after installing the emulator.

3. To begin the installation process after downloading, click “Import From Windows” or run the file.

4. Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audible Mod Apk

What is the process for downloading Audible Mod Apk from

Please click the download button at the top of the article or at the bottom of this post to access the Audible Mod Apk. The Apk file can then be found on the “Download” page of
After downloading the majority of game mod apks, the installation procedures are similar. To enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store and, open the menu, settings, and security and look for “unknown sources.” Click on the downloaded file by going to the “Downloads” folder on your device. Install it then run it on.

How can I get Amazon Audible books to download?

Go to All Titles in the app’s Library and select the desired item. Select a book to download and listen to.

How do I stop receiving the audible UK?

Go to the account settings to end your Audible membership. After selecting “Cancel my membership,” follow the on-screen directions.

Has Audible Desktop gone online?

In fact, Audible Hack works offline. But first, you have to download the book from the internet, then you may free up your hands and listen to the story without holding it.

Is there a free Audible mod?

Of course, both the downloading and installation of it are free. It is simple to download and will give you unlimited access to pro features without costing you any money.

If so, when do they expire?

Yes, credits expire this year after being bought.

How many Audible credits can you purchase in total?

Any unused credits above the membership credit limit will expire if your plan is at the limit on your next payment date. Customer A is on a Premium Plus plan with 6 credits, for instance.


As you are aware, reading is a good hobby and books help us learn more. However, not everyone is able to carve out adequate time for their hobbies. I hope you are clear about everything related to Audible Mod Apk after reading this comprehensive article guide written by Apkgreek. Books from all over the world are combined in the Audible Mod Apk for this reason. Both fresh books and out-of-date and old books can be found through searching.

To fully understand the book, put the lid just on your ears. The simplest technique to overcome depression and unfavorable thoughts if you’re depressed is to use Audiobook Mod App. You can avoid negative and pointless ideas with the aid of this software. If you enjoy this smartphone application, don’t forget to download the Audible Mod App and distribute it to your friends.

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